About Us

Excaliburfaire is your gateway to the Louisiana real estate scene. We are a team of highly skilled real estate professionals who understand what it takes to get you the best deal. There are a couple of factors that real estate buyers and sellers should consider before they engage an agent firm. To start with, agents who do real estate as a part time business are a no-go. Relatives also do not make the best real estate agents. Agents who do not know the real estate situation in a specific neighborhood will only get you an awful deal. While we’ve learned that most buyers consider the commission percentage before they decide to hire a particular real estate agent, this is usually not the best way to go about it. It doesn’t matter that you’re paying a lower commission if at the end of it all you do not land the best deal. At Excaliburfaire, we not only provide an ultimate real estate service but also equip our audience with the knowledge the need to make sound decisions.

All our agents are highly communicative and have essential customer support skills. From the first visit, all the way to the deal, we make sure that you’re part and parcel of the process. Our professionals are highly skilled and licensed. Louisiana is their backyard. They know the trends that sway the real estate prices in the area. Born and bred in this region, they are masters of their own game. It helps to work with a real estate professional who’s a top performer. A number of our agents are top rated and have won scores of awards from real estate organizations in the state.

If you’re a home seller, you want to get the best possible deal. When we come to your property, we listen carefully to your needs and understand clearly the circumstances behind you sale intent. We know that we succeed when all our clients are happy. Our entire home selling processing is fine tuned to get offers streaming in quickly. The evaluation process makes sure that your home is in great condition for sale. If we realize that something is off, we advise you on the necessary repairs and even recommend top-notch contractors in the area. Seemingly simple things such as remodeling a bathroom can have a profound effect on the perceived value of your home. We go out of our way to make sure that you prep your property for sale, and that means taking care of the exterior as well.

Our teams also specialize in helping home buyers get their ideal property. As a home buyer, you want to get a great home that matches your budget range. That’s where our negotiation skills play in. Since we have been in the real estate space for years, we have an arsenal of negotiation skills and strategies that will certainly bring the seller price down. We take you through every step of the process and provide the necessary advice. Ultimately, we’re the partner you’re looking for before you purchase your next real estate!