Spent All Your Cash on the Down Payment? Landscape your New Home on a Budget!

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If you spent most of your cash buying that new home, it’s time to figure out how you can landscape your new home on a budget!

Landscaping around your yard can finish off a newly constructed home, or beautify your existing abode. Most people will run into the same problem when trying to complete this task, budgeting. Some home owners choose to go all out, spending tens of thousands of dollars on ornate plants, shrubs, and annuals that definitely beautify a yard, accent a home, or complete a backyard pool design. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you HAVE to spend tens of thousands of dollars to landscape your home. You can achieve the same end goal as almost anyone else, while still maintaining a comfortable budget.

Limit Your Plant Selection.
Landscapes on a budget can be accomplished by first, reducing your selection of plants. If you can select common, highly available plants, you will be able to reduce some of your costs, rather than choosing rare or extremely ornate plants. Typically the more common plants are relatively cheaper and some of the big box stores that you can purchase them from will warranty them, so if they die you can replace them at no cost. If you have a brown thumb instead of a green one, then this may be your best option. Plant selection may seem trivial but you can really cut costs by being educated on a few different aspects of choosing your plants. By choosing plants that grow larger, you can reduce the quantity of plants that you require to fill a space. If you can buy one larger plant for a lower cost than many smaller ones, this would be a safer route to maintain your budget.

Choosing evergreens, shrubbery, or even flowering plants that return every year.landscaping new orleans

New home buyers can also reduce the cost of having to replace annuals like Pansies, Periwinkles, or Begonias that die off in the winter and require replacing. There are many different flowering plants that live all year long that you can purchase at a smaller size and allow it to fill in a specific location in your landscape giving you some color there when it blooms. The upfront costs may be close to the same but you want to be careful with planting annuals because of the fact they you will only have them for a few months typically before they will die and need to be replaced. If you are unable to find something else to fill in that hole, you will be left with an incomplete look to your landscape. Reducing costs can be found in other places around your landscaping project as well. Irrigation systems can be costly to install if you have to cover a large area, but there are other options and some pros and cons to each one. When you are deciding on which route you wish to take, consider the following: Proper irrigation can give your landscape the right amount of water that it requires to thrive.

Install an Irrigation System at Your New Home

Automatic irrigation systems can be costly but really automate the process so you do not even have to be home for the system to properly function and water your lawn and garden. Some of the other systems such as the drip systems or the soaker hose systems have to be manually turned on and off but once they are running you can go do other things for a while and return only to shut it off later. The last option I will mention would be the manual labor set up. This involves you, a water hose, and plenty of time. Considering some beds require around 10 minutes of watering 5 days a week during the summer, you are looking at spending quite a lot of time either watering the beds, or doing a rain dance hoping you don’t have to spend your time watering.

Either way, there are options out there to definitely create a beautiful landscape for your home on a properly itemized budget. Spend the money where you will get the most return on your investment by choosing plants that are present all year long so that you constantly see the rewards of your labor. Remember, although annuals seem cheaper and are definitely pretty, they require replacement after a few months because of tolerance to weather. You will spend more money in the long run replacing them or risk having a gap, or bare spot in your landscaping. If you do this yourself, you can save some money, but doing it properly is the only way to guarantee it. Many landscaping projects start out with the best intentions of being low- budget but end up costing more in the long run due to improper care or maintenance leading to the demise of the plants. Work with a professional landscaper to develop your budget and properly plan out the project so that you see the best return on your investment, which will last the entire life of your home.