How to Find a Skilled Real Estate Agent

Looking for real estate property for sale? Getting a top real estate agent is one way to go right about your property hunt and purchase. The real estate profession changes constantly, but the skills and qualities of a top-performing professional will never change. The fine details may change as technology moves forward, but the yielding skills remain the same. In this post, we highlight a few tips that will help you find a skilled real estate agent.

1. Talk to Recent Clients

When interviewing agents, ask them to provide a list of clients that they have worked with in the recent past. This list should include contact information. Before you make the calls, ask the agent if any of these past clients will be particularly satisfied or particularly disappointed. Ask these past clients what the asking price was, and what the purchase price was for the property. Try to see if any of these past properties are similar to yours in terms of features, location and price (if you’re a seller). Find out how long it took the agent to sell the home. You want to work with someone who specializes in your type of property, and who can help you get the best deal. As a buyer, find out whether previous buyers think the agent was very helpful. If they sound unhappy about the whole experience, it’s probably time to move on to another agent.

2. Licensing

Different states have boards that are tasked with licensing and disciplining real estate professionals. Check the regulatory body in the state to find out whether a particular agent is licensed, and whether they have ever faced disciplinary action before. You want to work with someone who has a clean record. It’s also important to check online to see whether there are any negative comments or complaints related to their work.

3. Go for a Winner

Unless you’re not serious about buying or selling your real estate property, you want to work with an agent who’s a perennial top performer. That cousin of yours who got started in the real estate business last year might have your best interests at heart, but they’ll not give you the best experience. Ultimately, remember your goals. A good agent is the one who helps you find a property that matches your goals and gets a great deal on it as well.

4. Background Research

Conduct some background research to see how long a specific agent has been in business. You might want to check with your state’s licensing authority to see what information you can get. If they have been in business for five years of less, they are learning on you and that’s not cool. Go for a top professional who specializes in a specific area and price range, and who has done it for many years.

These tips are not everything you need to hire the best real estate agent, but they’ll certainly get you started on the right footing!